$10 – Membership Form Update

$10 - Membership Form Update
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Membership Fees are for one area only. If you would like to be featured in more than one area the cost is an additional $10 per area.
1. The above business mentioned agrees to pay the above agreed pricing for membership on www.HitchedInCO.com. 2. All payments in the amount stated above will be automatically charged monthly through Paypal.. 3. If the payment should not go through, a courtesy call will be made, if a resolution for payment is not met within 1 week, Hitched In CO has the right to remove the advertisement/profile from the website. 4. The above business mentioned may opt out of membership at any time but will forfeit any monies paid in advance. Example: If company paid for 1 month of advertising the company is "committed" to one month of advertising. Company may Cancel their membership up to seven (7) days prior to payment being drafted. Company can Cancel up to 3 days after being billed but will be charged a 10% fee for a refund. Upon the fourth day after payment refunds will not be given. At that time you may request to cancel prior to the next billing cycle. 5. By agreeing to these terms and submitting the form you are agreeing to the use of all photos and logos by Hitched In CO. Photos may be watermarked to assure credit is given if used in advertising promotions. You are giving consent that the photos uploaded are your property and are okay to be used in marketing your business and Hitched In CO. You may send a list of vendors that should be tagged in photos if necessary.