Adventures in Waxing – Part 3

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Tips From the Pros

Most popular areas to get waxed: Eyebrows, Brazilian, Lip & Legs

Before you go: You need at least 2 weeks of growth on your body, and if you can see it you can wax it for facial hair

Maintenance: Body about once a month, Facial 2-3 weeks

Rashes/Ingrowns: This will be the same or better than what you get with shaving

How long it lasts: Smoothness should last 2 weeks. If you’re a first time waxer it may not be completely smooth the first time but you won’t need to shave for 2 weeks. When it starts coming back it may be more sparse, thinner and lighter!

Timeline: If you have never been waxed before and you want to do it for your wedding or honeymoon you will want to get two waxes. The first 5-6 weeks before your event. This way you will know how your body will react and if you even like it. Then you will want to wax 2-3 days before your event.

Skin Treatments: Make sure that you do not get tans, or facials before you get waxed. Wait a day or two to do so afterwards to make sure you don’t irritate your skin.

What hurts the most: Lips and cheeks

Pain Management Before: Take an Ibuprofen beforehand or apply No Scream Cream 40 minutes beforehand (Sold at Wax It)

Pain Management After: Wax It sells some good creams and sprays for afterwards or they suggest using Witch Hazel to tame your skin.

Spray for calming the skin afterwards. I loved the way it felt and smelled!

Spray for calming the skin afterwards. I loved the way it felt and smelled!

Most Dramatic Change: Armpits! If you can stand letting your hair grown out for 2 weeks the results will be stunning!

Grooms: Men can benefit from back, chest, ears, nose and eyebrow waxing too!

Create your own package: Get 3 or more body parts waxed and get a 10% discount on your whole order!

What now? Grab a girlfriend, ditch the razor and head on down to Wax It at 2454 Highway 6 & 50 Unit 114, Grand Junction. Walk-Ins Only!