Vendor Tips for a Successful Wedding Expo!

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There is nothing worse than spending your time and money and not receiving the feedback or sales you were hoping for. Here are a few wedding expo tips from Hitched In CO on how to be a successful vendor when attending a wedding expo.

  1. Advertise your participation!
    • Share the event on social media
    • Send out an email blast to your clients (past and present) letting them know you will be running specials at the show.
  2. Give something away that the attendees will keep/use. Calendar, Magnet, Hand Sanitizer, etc.
  3. Collect lead names at your own booth with a contest that you will pick at the end of the day or the following week.
  4. Offer a Bridal Experience Special with an expiration date.
    • 20% Off if you book by December 15
  5. Set goals for yourself.
    • Try to schedule meetings with brides at a later date as opposed to getting them to commit at the show. This will allow you to speak with more brides and they won’t feel as if you are being pushy.
  6. Be Friendly and Approachable
  7. Stand in front of your table. Try to resist sitting down if you can.
  8. NO Early Breakdown!
  9. Network with the other vendors.
  10. Follow up fast
    • We will provide the bride list within one (1) week of the show. Use it to your advantage.
    • Follow up with an email/phone call as soon as you get the list. (We suggest preparing an email blast prior to the show so you are ready to hit the send button as soon as you get the list!)
    • Follow up again two weeks later.
    • Follow up a third time after the holidays.
  11. Invite brides that you have already booked! They may still need more wedding vendors.
  12. Give away tickets to attend! Contact us for Free Tickets!
  13. Have Fun!