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You said “YES”! Before committing to the rest of your life, commit to a few hours at the Hitched In GJ Bridal Experience!

If you’ve never been to a wedding expo you are surly missing out. Maybe you’ve never had the need to go to one, maybe you don’t like crowds, maybe you don’t like awesome deals. I have a feeling the last one is not true for anyone, because who doesn’t like an awesome deal. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is upwards of $25,000. This is a huge chunk of change, and likely many of us don’t just have that lying around for a party. Your wedding should be magical, whatever that magic may entail. You don’t want to regret not buying that perfect dress because it was a few hundred dollars more, or not having the photographer you’ve been secretly stalking on Instagram for four years. This is your day!

Wedding Expos are a great way to start planning your wedding. Whether you’ve been engaged for 5 minutes or 5 months!

  1. There are a variety of vendors all gathered in one place – this means you don’t have to make fifty phone calls and set up fifty different appointments just to meet with someone. At a wedding expo you are able to chat with all of those people all on one day. You can get a feel for personalities and prices.
  2. Deals! Most wedding vendors will offer special deals for attending the wedding expo. Especially if you book the same day, but often if you book within a couple weeks of the show. There is nothing better than saving 10-20% on services just because you met them at an expo.
  3. Giveaways! Most wedding expos do several giveaways to the attendees. This alone is worth the cost of attending a wedding show because there is a possibility of winning something worth $100-$1000. No matter what the giveaway is, you’ll be thankful you came after you’ve won!

At the Hitched In GJ Bridal Experience we try our hardest to incorporate a wide variety of vendors for all different budgets. We give away several thousand dollars in prizes, goodie bags, and play fun games. Our vendors are exceptional and excited to meet you.

Planning your wedding can be stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun! Hitched In GJ and our amazing array of vendors are here to help you plan your Big Day and save precious time and money! Sign up for the Hitched In GJ Bridal Experience today to save on ticket prices.