Is there a RING under your tree?

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Holiday Engagements

I have a feeling some of you may be getting a compressed lump of coal this year. I meant a diamond! And not just any diamond, THE DIAMOND!

I can’t wait to hear who gets a big fat rock under the tree.

So if you’ve been a really good girl(friend) this year read on..

Here are Hitched in GJ’s Do’s and Don’ts of getting engaged over the holidays:

DON”T share the news on Facebook before you’ve had a chance to tell all the key players in person (mom dad BFF).

DO Make the announcement during your family Christmas party. If you think the news will make the gathering even more jolly, then share away!

DON’T feel bad if the normally awesome gift you gave your hunk-o-burnin love seems a little weak compared to the expensive and extremely meaningful gift he gave you. You can always make up for it by giving him extra snuggles under the tree!

DO get a manicure ASAP! Everywhere you go people will ask to see your hand and you don’t want your scraggily cuticles and chipped nails drawing focus from your gorgeous new ring.

DON”T be insensitive to your single girlfriends. Be humble about your new status.

DO think about setting a date or at least a general time frame for your wedding. Everyone will want to know how he asked you and if you’ve set a date so it helps to have your answers ready!

DON”T have an engagement party until after Christmas or even better, wait until after the New Year. People are super busy and most people are traveling or already have parties to attend during the holidays.

DO Use to plan your wedding! Its best to set a date and start looking for a venue right away!

Have a holly jolly Holiday from Hitched in GJ!!