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Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

So what’s in the meaning of a Wedding date?

Some brides and grooms have no meaning and then others it is all about the date! Like the upcoming date, 12/13/14. That date is easy to remember, Right!?! And it is also fun to have a wedding date that you can theme some ideas around!

Here are some examples to have fun with!

Credit: Knot Blogg

Credit: Knot Blog

  •  Winter Wedding (date is DECEMBER)

Having a winter wedding is very romantic! Plus most vendors are willing to work with you on prices!

Credit: Etsy

Credit: Etsy

  • 12  week workout  plan! Give yourself 12 weeks to buff up and slim down if you feel like it! But remember to be careful, not to loose tons of weight, you might be to skinny to fit in your dress!


  • I love this ides to have Christmas ornament as Bridesmaid gifts! It just works!


If you are planning a wedding on 12/13/14 then your wedding will be romantic and remembered by all your family and friends! Don’t be afraid to glam it up and think out side the “gift box” the date is just cool!

Tonja Kueper-Rinaldo

R&R Events and Design-Wedding Planner