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Is anyone else obsessing over all the gorgeous lace wedding gowns?

For a long time I thought there was just “lace”. I didn’t know there was different types of lace. Boy was I wrong! It turns out there are tons of different styles to choose from! Here are two of the more common bridal laces:

Chantilly: (yes like the song and the gross 80s perfume!) it’s a more delicate lace with a neat edging that looks like eyelashes.

Alencon: this is probably the most common bridal lace. Its a french lace that usually has a thick floral or leaf design on a fine mesh background.

Once thought to be too traditional or old fashion, lace material is actually pretty edgy because it conceals and reveals, leaving just the right amount to the imagination;)
Whether you are have a backyard BBQ or a black tie affair a lace gown could be the choice for you!