Book Early!

Book Early & Enjoy Your Day

So, it’s now January 2012 and can you believe the busy wedding season is 3 months away?! It’s true, Pinterest is a buzz with all things wedding, color palettes are popping up everywhere and the expos are in full swing. Now is the time to book your wedding vendors before someone else snatches up your ideal match. Weekends fill quickly and more often than not, the planner, florist or caterer that you have your heart (or craving) set on gets booked soon after the big expos take place. Booking early has its advantages and here are the top 3:

  1. You can set your day and ideal time for YOUR wedding. if you book a vendor at least 5 months before your wedding, most often than not, you can reserve that mid-day mountain wedding spot, or the dreamy sparkler send-off photo that you’ve always wanted instead of working around a vendor’s schedule.
  2. Even if you aren’t 100% sure of the details yet, most vendors are gracious enough to let you alter some requests before your actual date. Booking early with a vendor allows you to fine tune the specifics with them and gives your vendor plenty of time to pinpoint their talents towards your wedding too.
  3. It’s a huge stress relief to leave the details in someone else’s trusted hands so you can enjoy the ride. Giving a vendor the reins for a specific area, allows you to enjoy the planning period and your actual wedding day so you aren’t a flustered mess on your most special day.

After you have your venue selected, a great place to start when booking vendors is to pick the most important element to your dream day and reserve it first. For example, if the music means the most to you, shake your groove thing and book your favorite band/DJ. If flowers are your favorite, reserving your day with a favorite florist should be your priority.


Written by Kelly Mendenhall at 3 Leaf Floral