Controlling Your Inner Bridezilla

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As a little girl you dreamed of wearing a beautiful wedding gown and marrying the perfect man (hopefully a prince). All of your life you’ve waited to find that person that really understands you and loves you even though you’re weird. It’s ok because he’s weird too! Now that you’ve snagged your soul mate it’s time to start planning your wedding. In the early stages of planning all you think about is trying on dresses, ‘cuz that’s the fun part. You probably watch wedding shows obsessively and spend hours on the internet searching wedding sites and ignoring previously mentioned soul mate. If this sounds familiar, you may be headed for bridezilla town. If you catch it in the early stages, it may be reversible.

We’ve listed a few of the more advanced symptoms:

  • You use the word PERFECT constantly when referring to your wedding.
  • You hire a model as your flower girl because your niece is too chubby.
  • You rip the comb out of the hairstylist hand and show her how to do a proper up do.
  • You drain your 401k to pay for the wedding.
  • You sell a family heirloom to pay for an over budget dress.
  • You break out the old “it’s my day” excuse when you don’t want to compromise.
  • You wear your sweats that say “Bride” to work.
  • You fire your wedding planner for her incompetence forgetting she’s your mother.
  • You write your fiancés vows for him so he doesn’t screw them up.
  • You can’t figure out why the bridal consultants all do rock/paper/scissors when you walk into the parlor.

 Here are a few tips to keep the inner bridezilla at bay.

Try to remember that the wedding isn’t nearly as important as the marriage. Make sure you ask prince charming his opinion now and then. He may not care about releasing butterflies or bouquet verses kissing ball, but he probably has a few suggestions about the food, beverage, and entertainment. Value his opinion, it’s his day too. Don’t go too far though we don’t want pigs in a blanket and a beer fountain.

One of the times the Bridezilla within will try to take over is when dealing with family. You may have a mother or mother in law trying to live her dream wedding through you.  A cousin who’s mad because she’s not a bridesmaid, or a grandmother who wants to invite people you haven’t seen since you were two. The trouble is finding the balance between making everyone happy but yourself and making everyone miserable but yourself. Decide what elements of the wedding are really important to you and be flexible on the rest. Think forward 40 years, what parts of your wedding do you think you’re really going to remember? The cake? The monogrammed napkins? None of that stuff matters! Looking into your future husbands’ eyes as he watches you walk down the aisle, that’s what’s real. Well, that and finding the perfect dress that makes your boobs look amazing in a “classy” way!