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Ahhh, the Gift Registry…an exciting time for you and your husband to be (yes, he should be involved!), to imagine your home with all new stuff in it! How fun! But before you get ahead of yourselves here are a few tips to starting your registry out right.

  • Register Early! Right after you have announced your engagement you should begin registering. That way if you have an engagement party and/or bridal shower you will be able to give your guests a heads up on what you would like.
  • Register for WHATEVER YOU WANT! But be realistic. Yes it would be awesome if someone bought you a Sterling Silver Ice Cream Scoop from Tiffany & Co., but will you ever use an Ice Cream scoop that cost $395…we think not! Also be aware of space. Try not to register for things that you don’t have storage or counter space for.
  • Be courteous to your guests. Register at 2-3 different stores with at least one being online. This way travelers can have gifts shipped directly to you and locals can browse storefronts and save on shipping. Also, make sure to have a wide range in prices. Starting at $10 and up to whatever you think is reasonable for your guests. Registering for bigger gifts is okay and may encourage guests to go in on it together.
  • Wedding etiquette tells us that it is rude to include your wedding registry information on or with your invitations. You’re basically saying, “Hey come to our wedding, but make sure you bring us something!” However, I feel a little differently for 2 reasons. First, you don’t want to end up with a bunch of stuff you will never use, like a kitten throw blanket from your Aunt Edna, or already have; who needs three toasters? And second, you are providing your guests with food and entertainment for a night so why not expect something in return? Here are a couple additional things to note:
    • For travelling guests it may be inappropriate to include your registry information with the invitation because they could be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to travel and stay for your big day.
    • If you decide to forgo including registry information with your invitation then be sure to tell your Mother, Grooms Mother, and Bridesmaids where you are registered so they can pass along the information to those who ask.
    • If you have a personal wedding website don’t be afraid to list your registry information there. It will let people know that “Yes, you are registered,” but “No, you are not expecting anything.”
  • Lastly, for all of us who have lived with our significant other before getting married, chances are, you may not NEED too much “stuff”. Unless perhaps you want to upgrade what you already have. In the case that you don’t really need anything you still have some options. Thanks to the World Wide Web you can now have guests deposit money into an account for you for a Honeymoon Fund, or basically anything you want. Check out,, or for ideas. Be sure to do your research as there are some fees associated with some of the sites and then pick the one that will work best for you and your guests.