Have You Found Your Wedding DJ Yet?

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There is so much more to just pushing a play button when it comes to entertainment. Sound quality, music selection, feeling the crowd are all things to consider when hiring a Wedding DJ or live entertainment.

Additionally, the entertainment will either keep people at your party or send them away. Guests expect to be entertained, they want to dance, and they want to enjoy their time, whether that be joining in on the Cupid Shuffle or just boogying down to the latest hits. There is absolutely a time for the slow dances, the songs that have special meaning but you have to mix it up if you don’t want your whole guest list to disappear after the toasts and food.

Things to consider when booking your Wedding DJ

  • Has the entertainer worked at your chosen venue before?
  • Does your entertainer have insurance?
  • How much experience does your entertainer have?
  • What does the cost include – travel time, set up time, etc?
  • Do they have backup equipment?
  • Do they have good reviews?

Check out these amazing DJs to find the perfect one for your wedding or event.

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