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What to Register for…

The age old question…what should you register for? Your husband to be most likely wants either the newest gaming system available or something camo, but what do you really need?! My husband and I are coming up on our 10 year anniversary (WOW!) and here are my top 10 things that I think are priceless!

  1. Crockpot/Slowcooker: I use mine religiously! It’s probably my favorite kitchen accessory besides my coffee pot.

    Bigger and the sides latch down for easy packing.


    Perfect Size for Newlyweds!

  2. Coffeepot: Duh, and a good one, 10 cups a least. Even if you aren’t coffee drinkers it’s nice to have one on hand when you have guests.
  3. Pots & Pans: A very good set. I’m partial to Calphalon because they are non stick and easy to clean but whatever your style or preference is fine just get a whole set!
  4. Camera: Yes, I’m putting a camera on the registry…yes, our cell phones take pretty good pictures but trust me, having a good camera is worth it!
  5. Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover: Whether you are 24 or 54, wealthy or living paycheck to paycheck, this book will help you immensely! My husband and I live by it. I only wish I would have read it when we got married and I was 20!
  6. Pillows: Comfortable pillows, because we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping and you want to do so comfortably.
  7. Matching Dishes: I’m not talking China here, I’m talking a full set of at least 10 of everything that matches! Afterall, you may be hosting your very first Thanksgiving soon.

    Matching dishes! I'm partial to white.

    Matching dishes! I’m partial to white.

  8. Silverware: Same as the dishes, a full set of at least 10 of everything that matches!
  9. Sheets: I’m talking 1000 thread count sheets and some flannel sheets for the winter. There is nothing better than crawling into bed at night and it feeling so good!
  10. Fire and Waterproof Safe: These are so important to keep all of your important documents in…like say your marriage certificate!

Those are my top 10, what are some of your must haves?