Holiday Weekend Wedding – Do or Don’t?

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There are some great aspects to planning your wedding on a holiday weekend!

  • Typically have an extra day or two off of work
  • Allows for more travel time for out of town guests
  • Allows for more visiting time with guests
  • Easy to remember your wedding date!
  • A fun way to celebrate your wedding and the holiday.

But there are many more things to consider when planning your Big Day around a holiday…

  • Vendors may charge more – remember they are sacrificing their Holiday Weekend to be a part of yours
  • Travel expenses for out of town guests will likely be higher
  • Guests may already have plans and won’t be able to make your wedding

Here are our suggestions for planning  your wedding on a Holiday Weekend if you are set on the date!

  • Give as much notice as possible to guests – definitely send a save the date and if you have time call those who you may be worried about not being able to make it as soon as possible to give them a heads up
  • Don’t be disappointed (or surprised) if your guest list is smaller than you would have liked
  • If you are up in the air over the date maybe put out a few feelers to guests to see if that date would work for them
  • At the end of the day it’s your wedding, if your heart is set on having your wedding on the 4th of July or New Years Eve then do it, but if you would rather have as many guests to help you celebrate than maybe chose a different date

Remember too, not everyone will be able to make your wedding regardless of when you have it, so make sure you feel good about the decision you are making!