Maine to GJ

My husband and I got hitched in an apple orchard in Maine before moving to Grand Junction. We had planned for our big day for 8 months beginning soon after the romantic mountain top proposal. There were moments when 8 months seemed to be 8 years, and other days where the 8 months was feeling like 8 weeks! We lightened the burden of immense planning by splitting up the tasks (yes I know I’m a lucky woman to have a man help so much with the planning, but hey it’s his wedding too!).He found our musician which was a huge relief; however, men do not communicate as well as women tend to. There was a huge misunderstanding with our musician, and we ended up with no music for the reception 🙁 We were so thankful and impressed with the music played during the ceremony, which my husband and I decided to pay him personally after our photos so that we would not forget when we left for the honeymoon later that night. I suppose he took that as job well done, go home now. So a word of advice, make sure the payments are issued at the end of the night, perhaps by a loved one so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting.

Photography by,
Cait Wilson Photography (Cait Kimball)