Nail “Tips” For Your Wedding Day

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  1. Don’t allow yourself to be frazzled by the wedding jitters. Give yourself a break and Be-Dazzled with a relaxing pedicure.
  2. Don’t try to cram it into your agenda. Select a real get away time to relax in the pedi-spa. It’s your day-allow others to help you get it all together.
  3. Your chosen wedding  slippers may not show your toes but you and your new husband can share the beauty of your feet (You may even consider a side by side pedicure for you and your honey before the big day!)
  4. French pedicures are very popular for wedding feet. They look elegant, simple, soft and beautiful to wear with any clothing design or color.
  5. Soft pinks, slight glitters are also choice colors for your nails.
  6. As for your bridesmaids, there are multiple avenues of fun, brilliant colors and designs. Nail décor is very popular now. From diamonds to gold; gems to flowers; it is endless!
  7. Just have fun, relax and enjoy!!!


Written by Donna Perham at Harrahs Hair Skin Nails