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Some of us have personally experienced what a pain it can be to deal with getting your marriage certificate and legally changing your maiden name to your married name. There’s a lot of paper work involved and visiting of government buildings. If you have the correct paperwork and you go to these places in the proper order, it will be far less painful. Here’s some helpful information:

Note: Though it might be tempting to use your “soon to be Mrs.” status, book your honeymoon reservations and flights under your maiden name. There won’t be time to change your driver’s license and passport before you leave.

Go to the county clerk and recorder to apply for a marriage license.  The clerk and recorder are located at:

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder
200 S. Spruce Street
Grand Junction CO 81501

Sign the application and pay the fee ($30.00) for a marriage license (you will both need your driver’s license, state I.D., birth certificate or passport).  After you’ve received the license you must then have it solemnized (have a ceremony). Return the license within 30 days to the clerk and recorder’s office.

After the wedding

Step2: After returning your marriage license to the Clerk and Recorder you will receive your marriage Certificate. Finally!

Step3: Get your name changed on your Social Security Card.
Bring your shiny new marriage certificate and proof of identity (driver’s license or passport) to:

Social Security
Social Security Office
825 North Crest Drive
Grand Junction Co 81506
Monday-Friday 9am-3:30pm

It’s free to change your name on your SS card. It takes a couple weeks to receive it but it’s in the system within 24 hours.

Step4: Now you can get a new driver’s license. Grand Junction’s DMV is located:

222 S. 6th ST. #111
Grand Junction, CO 81501
M-F 8am-5pm

VERY IMPORTANT! Go to the Social security office first! You must wait 24hrs after applying for a new social security card before you can get your new driver’s license. The two systems are linked, you cannot get around this!

You will need your marriage certificate, your current driver’s license, and proof of residency. Examples of proof of residency are: utility bill, pay stub, vehicle registration or anything official with your address on it .

The cost for your new license:
If you are under the age of 21: $7.50
If you are over the age of 21: $21.00

Here are a few more places you may want to notify of your name change.

Voter registration
U.S. passport
Your employer: W-4, 401K, email, business cards, website, etc…
Credit card
Property titles and deeds
Mortgages and loans
Home owners insurance
Utilities: gas, electric, water, sewer and trash ( anything you pay monthly)
Doctor and Dentist
Will (You can add your spouse at the same time)

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