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Have you been asked to be in a wedding and are now needing to plan a fun bridal shower for the bride-to-be? Why not try to plan a unique bridal shower? We’ve been to a classic bridal shower where you play games and eat and open presents but there are so many different options for fun for your bride and her besties. We are absolutely in love with the idea of a perfume discovery with La Fleur by Livvy in Downtown Grand Junction.

When you walk into La Fleur by Livvy it is as if you’ve been transported to a floral oasis. The shop and event space are set up with a relaxing and calming vibe for you to experience the treasures of perfumes and chocolates.

What is a perfume discovery?

La Fleur by Livvy offers two scent-sational explorations of natural perfumes and fragrances. The first option is a fun adventure exploring scents with a charcuterie board, wine or champagne and dessert. Or upgrade your adventure to the second option which includes smells, tastes, and florals from the Tales of India Collection. Complete with Indian appetizers, wine or champagne, hot chai, and a traditional Indian dessert!

Add-ons may include gift bags for each guest or chocolate bars from Dirty Lil Cacao chocolate company.

For more information on scents, pricing, and availability contact La Fleur by Livvy.