What To Do When Your Wedding Has To Be Postponed!

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Since you began planning your wedding or event you probably never thought, “What if an international crisis happens and I have to postpone my wedding?” Well, that time has come, and while the world works through this issue you may be wondering what steps you should be taking. Here are a few tips on What To Do When Your Wedding Has To Be Postponed!

  • Venue – Reach out to your Venue first. In most cases your guest list will have more than 50 people on it, in which case your venue may be forced to postpone your wedding date. Due to the nature of this crisis you may not be able to set another day right away but you may be able to get a list of dates that are available and pick 1-2 prospective dates.
  • Additional Vendors – After you have spoken with your Venue, reach out to the rest of the Vendors, IE. Caterer, DJ, Bakery, Florists, etc. and let them know what your prospective dates may be and discuss your options. It is important to keep open communication with them through this time.
  • Guests – An old fashioned Telephone Chain is exactly what you need in this case, you don’t want to rely on emails and texts in this case. Gather your guest list and their phone numbers and split it up between you, your fiance, your parents and your wedding party. Have everyone call a handful of people to let them know that the wedding is postponed and as soon as a new date is scheduled they will receive another phone call with the updated information.
  • The Date – If you are absolutely set on a specific date than don’t worry! You can still get married on that date and have that anniversary. Contact your officiant and let them know you would to still be married legally on that date. You can say your vows, sign your license and have your special day. Then you can stress less, and worry about having your reception when it works out for you, your family and your vendors. Find an officiant here!
  • Don’t Panic – Remember, you and the rest of the world are experiencing the same difficulties. It is not your vendors faults if the wedding has to be postponed, and it is most definitely putting a financial strain on them as well.

We hope that this list of tips will help you de-stress. It’s a big day in your life, and it should never feel stressful.

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