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On her wedding day, a bride should absolutely have her own bridal photo shoot! Capturing all the magic and beauty of this once-in-a-lifetime moment. From the moment she slips into her stunning gown, adorned with delicate lace or shimmering beads, she transforms into a real-life princess ready to walk down the aisle towards her happily ever after.

You’ve found the perfect wedding dress, and now it’s time to show it off in all its glory. This is your chance to truly shine and capture the essence of your beauty and elegance on camera. From striking poses that highlight every intricate detail of your gown to twirling around in a whirlwind of tulle, you can let your inner model come out to play. Whether you choose a picturesque outdoor location or an elegant indoor setting, the possibilities are endless for creating breathtaking images that will last a lifetime. So don’t hold back – embrace the spotlight and make every moment count as you get the most out of your wedding dress with a fabulous bridal photo shoot!

This lovely photo shoot took place in the picturesque Boulder, Colorado. There is no shortage of outdoor spaces to take your bridal photos in front of. From mountain tops to grassy fields, you and your photographer will have an amazing time capturing these magical moments!

A note from the photographers

Taking bridal photos that inspire and make your soul feel alive! This life is all about finding our way back to authenticity and love and when you lead with your heart and listen to your soul’s deepest desires from this heart space anything is possible. If you want to hike and take bridal photos in the mountains listen and 100% do it!

Check out the gallery of photos below. Love what you see? All of the vendors who helped make this Boulder Bridal Shoot extra special are listed below.

Planning – Kaitlin Shea Weddings

Bridal gowns – Dora Grace Bridal

Florals – Rose Bud Thorn Florals

Photo – Moe and Kev Photography