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Wedding Venue and Lodging

The Venue!

The Venue is the very first thing you need to book when you are newly engaged. There are two ways to book a venue:

  1. By a specific date that you want, which means you may have to wait an additional year for your perfect venue, or you may have to chose from what is available.
  2. By a specific venue. If you are wanting a specific look, location, etc. then you may not be able to be too choosy with the actual date.

Things to consider:

  • Summer and Fall wedding dates book quickly, often a year or more prior to the date
  • Saturdays are typically the most expensive days to rent a venue, to save a few hundred bucks consider a Friday or Sunday wedding. When considering this, make sure you are thinking about your guest list, if all of your guests are local it’s probably not a very big deal to have your wedding on an off day, but if you have family and friends traveling from out of town this may be inconvenient.
  • Ask the venue what the cost includes. Some venues include tables, tents, chairs, porta-potties, etc. and some include nothing but the space. So make sure you know what you are paying for.