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Ahhh the wedding dress!

For some brides this is the single most important part of the day. Many women dream of their wedding dress from the time they are little girls. It’s a special time and moment to share with your mom and bridesmaids when searching out the perfect gown.

But…it can be a stressful time as well. It is important to bring an entourage with you who will be honest but encouraging. It is important that they don’t have too strong of opinions either, because you could end up never feeling good in any dress. It ultimately comes down to the way you feel when you see yourself for the first time in a dress. Does it feel perfect or not quite right? Will you be comfortable or sucked in all day? Does it bring tears to your eyes, do you feel like a princess?

Things to consider:

Always make an appointment where-ever you are planning on shopping
Keep your entourage minimal, bridal shops only have so much room
Shop early, if you are ordering a gown (which you most likely will have to), you will need AT LEAST 6 months to get it in and then you may still need alteration time
What is your budget?
What is your style? It’s not a bad idea to bring in some photos of gowns that you are drawn to so you have a good starting place.
Keep and open mind! The bridal shop workers may know what will look amazing on your body type even if you don’t!

Tuxedos and Suits

Okay, okay let’s not forget there is a groom as well… many bridal shops will have suit and tuxedo rentals if you don’t want to invest in buying one. Either way, if you are buying or renting, you will need to be fitted so make sure to give a few months of time to get your suit tailored as well.

Bridesmaid Dresses

There are a couple different common ways to pick your bridesmaid dresses.

By style – you pick the dress, color and everything and have your girls get sized
By color – you pick the color, your bridesmaids get to decide what style fits their body most appropriately

We personally like the 2nd option, because let’s face it, not all women are shaped the same. Some are super uncomfortable in a short length or a strapless. Let your bridesmaids be comfortable, they will love you for it in the end!