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Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day! Standing in front of all of your loved ones and your family-to-be, not to mention the man of your dreams, it can be a little overwhelming if you don’t feel your best. Luckily, there are professionals out there to help you feel and look your best on your wedding day. Whether you just want to be pampered the day of your wedding by having someone else do your hair and makeup, or whether you want to be waxed before your honeymoon so you don’t even need to pack a razor. Maybe you have been fighting a skin condition that you want to have under control on your wedding day. Let these amazing people help you have the confidence you want on your Big Day!

Things to consider:

  1. Do a make up and hair run through prior to the wedding. This way your stylist will know exactly what you are wanting and how much time it will take the day of.
  2. Get waxed and tanned AT LEAST 1 month prior to your wedding to make sure you don’t have any bad skin reactions. Then again 2-3 days before the wedding or honeymoon.
  3. If you are looking for permanent makeup or skin care options, start these procedures months before your wedding in case you need time to heal.