We all love food, and most people do expect to be fed when going to a wedding. Is it absolutely necessary…no, but a wedding is a day, or night, of celebration and food should be included in most cases.

There are several different types of food choices for different budgets and styles.

  • Plated – each person is served their meal individually plated (typically the most expensive option)
  • Buffet – each person will make their own plate
  • Cocktail – typically serving only hor d’oeuvres and cocktails
  • Food Truck – a food truck is on the premises making food, typically there will be a set menu of items they will make and serve

So decide what you want for your guests first then decide your budget. Most catering is charged per person which on average can be anywhere from $14 to $23 per person.

Things to consider:

  • How many guests will you have?
  • What type of food do you want to serve? IE: BBQ, Italian, American, Pizza, Mexican, etc.
  • What happens to leftovers? (If there are any) If you are paying for it it would be nice to take the remaining food home or distribute to your guests.