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Pure Romance is an in-home party company, similar to Pampered Chef or Scentsy, but it’s a romance party for women only. I offer a safe, appropriate, respectful environment for women to get together and learn about sexuality. In addition to educational discussion, Pure Romance is a traveling boutique with superior quality, pharmaceutical grade products for women’s health, beauty, and intimacy needs and I present products and offer education regarding sexual health.

Common misunderstandings:

  1. Pure Romance parties are naughty parties. False. Sure, the topics at hand make it easy for such parties to become “naughty,” but generally speaking, Pure Romance parties are comfortable, enjoyable, and entertaining for all guests. Do we talk about sex? Yes we do. We promote sexual health and self-confidence, not promiscuity. We also do not discuss personal intimate activities. I assure you, we keep it real and appropriate and everyone goes home with their clothes on!
  2. Only kinky women attend Pure Romance parties. False. Pure Romance is for all women. Young and old, married and unmarried, Pure Romance has something for any woman who cares about her health, beauty, and/or intimacy.
  3. As a consultant, I’m a salesperson. Mostly false. Obviously, I have products I’m selling, but that’s not why I started my business. Can we all agree that a marriage will suffer if intimacy is an issue? That considered, I believe that the products and information I share in my parties will improve intimate relationships and strengthen marriages. I like to tell people, I’m in the business of increasing anniversaries and decreasing divorces ? I love the opportunity I have to educate and empower women and I cherish the relationships I’m building with women in my parties. I do not consider myself a salesperson, I consider myself a coach, confidant, and friend. That is the #1 reason I started my business with Pure Romance; selling is only a bi-product of it.

Lastly, be assured that all orders are confidential. Anyone who orders gets to meet privately with me and goes home with a black bag. No one will know what you’re up to unless you decide to share for all to see.

Come! Make the time to see the party for yourself! You’ll be glad you did.

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