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Name: Kelli Mosher

Company Name: Honey and Gold Permanent Jewelry

When did you start your business? August 2022

How did you start your business? I was in the 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy and was either Crazy or Ambitious! I loved the idea of providing a custom-fitting/design experience with quality jewelry meant to live life with you so you can enjoy the sweeter things!

What do you love about weddings? The togetherness and gathering of family, friends. Bringing people together in celebration of love.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Sharing in moments, memories, conversations, and laughs.

What is the most challenging part of your job? The back-end of business, like inventory, numbers and making decisions solely on your own. You are in charge of your failure or success.

What do you want couples to know about you and your company? I offer Solid 14k quality gold and specialize in providing a custom, fun, experience for couples or friends which includes on-location events such as bachelorette or even at your wedding.

What are some tips you have for newly engaged couples? Listening with an open heart when communicating. Realizing your common goal is to be together, love together, and stay together.

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