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Name: Julie Berg

Company Name: Keller Williams Colorado West Realty

When did you start your business? April 2023

How did you start your business? After years of working in the sales industry, I decided to put my knowledge into helping people with the biggest rewarding investment they will ever make!

What do you love about weddings? I love the celebration of a New Adventure!

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Building lifelong relationships with my clients!

What is the most challenging part of your job? Navigating the low inventory of this market.

What do you want couples to know about you and your company? ✨ Personalized Care: Your journey is unique, and I’ll customize my service to fit your needs and dreams. ✨ Local Expertise: With local knowledge and industry insights, I’ll help you make informed decisions. ✨ Trusted Connections: I have a network of reliable professionals to support you along the way. ✨ Dedication: Your satisfaction is my top priority.

What are some tips you have for newly engaged couples? A big part of getting married is making compromises, and now is the time to put that into effect. You might believe that a certain house is the perfect one, but if your spouse hates it, then there is no way it is ever going to be right for you as a couple. Make a pact with your partner: if a house isn’t right for both of you, it’s not right for either of you.

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