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Company Name: Mountain Magic Media

When did you start your business: 2018

How did you start your business: After nearly 7 years of professional photography on her own, Lydia asked Terren (T) to join the team as her assistant. Well, first they started dating, and Lydia needed an assistant and realized that T was the most helpful person she knew! He had a passion for photography all on his own and quickly became an integral part of her wedding photography.

What do you love about weddings: We LOVE love!  We’ve been known to shed tears during our clients’ ceremonies.  The energy that surrounds a wedding, all the laughter and romance… It really feels like magic!  Lydia has even officiated a friend’s wedding, and it was so heartwarming to play a new role in the celebration!

What is the most rewarding part of your job: Knowing that the photographs will be pretty much the best way to relive the moments from a wedding day is just so special to us.  We feel so honored to capture and curate those feelings.

What is the most challenging part of your job: Long hours! We’ve worked on our feet for up to 14 hours at once, and it sure is exhausting! But we’ve learned to pack snacks and energizing coconut waters to keep our energy levels on high from start to finish.

What do you want couples to know about you and your company: We specialize in creating handmade keepsake boxes, lovingly crafted by T. We use reclaimed barn wood that goes through a multi-step process to create unique and beautiful finishes. The boxes also feature a metal print on display. They are the absolute perfect way to keep all your memories safe and accessible for easy-viewing!

We are also starting a new project with our best friend, and it is called Blue Lime Airstream.  We are renovating a vintage airstream trailer to be a bar, lounge, and photo booth!  Launching this summer of 2020 🙂

What are some tips you have for a newly engaged couple: Enjoy the process! We are currently engaged and planning our own wedding right now… It can be a lot of work! Hire a planner if you can, and ask your photographer for their insight into the planning process as well!

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