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Name: Loren D Rothman

Company Name: Stargazer Social Club

When did you start your business? September 2022

How did you start your business? I had been working in the corporate world doing project management, account management, and client relations, while also helping my wife with her wedding floral business for 5 years. After moving from the extremely robust wedding industry in the San Francisco Bay Area to the small town of Moab, we quickly recognized how challenging it is to put together a full-scale wedding here, and how limited the venue options are. With that in mind, I started brainstorming ways that we could serve the adventurous couples that want to get married in Moab and the Southwest, and how we could fill the gaps in the small but growing industry here.

What do you love about weddings? My wedding day was easily one of the most joyous, fun days of my life, and I love getting to be part of making that happen for other people. It’s so wonderful to see the smiling faces and the many different ways families and cultures celebrate this beautiful occasion.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? I love being my own boss and getting to work with all the amazing, wonderful people in this industry!

What is the most challenging part of your job? It’s challenging to be responsible for every aspect of the business and making sure things run smoothly all the time.

What do you want couples to know about you and your company? We’re dedicated to creating amazing experiences and offering the highest quality services in every single thing we do. I take attention to detail very seriously, and I want my clients to feel that when they work with us.

What are some tips you have for newly engaged couples? Stay organized! Keep a spreadsheet with your budget, and use some basic tools like checklists to keep track of what you’ve completed and what you still need to do. And it’s never too early to start planning. Many wedding vendors book up a year out or more, so the early bird definitely gets the best options.

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