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Name: Chantel Landeros, LMFT

Company Name: Thrive Marriage & Family Counseling

When did you start your business? August 2019

How did you start your business? Thrive Marriage & Family Counseling was founded with the idea that if our relationships are nurtured and have the tools the thrive, the families and individuals will be better in the future. We aren’t always given the skills to have healthy relationships but Thrive is here to support you in gaining the tools to live the life that you deserve to.

What do you love about weddings? We aren’t here just for the weddings, we are here for the long haul. Our team is here to support before, during and after the wedding process to support the healthiest and most satisfying relationship possible.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? By helping couples grow, we are making an impact for individuals and future families!

What is the most challenging part of your job? Not being able to fix things for people. We see that actions and behaviors come from your childhood or past experiences, we want to fix it for you but we know we have to support the growth not fix it for you.

What do you want couples to know about you and your company? Counseling isn’t just for when things are bad. Preventative counseling, learning skills to thrive instead of survive in your relationship and just wanting the best relationship possible are PERFECT reasons to want to have a couples therapist.

What are some tips you have for newly engaged couples?

  • Focus on what is going to be best for the two of you. Weddings often turn into being about how to please the guests but this day is supposed to be about you and your union.
  • Have a good foundation of values and agreements before you get married.
  • Marriage is forever work, you will get out of it what you are putting into it.

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